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Soap Nuts

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Soap Nuts
Laundry Soap
Non-Toxic Sustainable
Laundry Solution

Soap nuts, also known as Indian soap berries, were historically an integral element of Indian customs and used widely in Indian households and in Ayurvedic medicine.  They are an amazing natural detergent due to a natural cleaning essence that is contained in their shell, saponin. 

These amazing shells contain a natural cleaning agent called saponin.  When lye and vegetable oils are combined to make soap, the process is called saponification, that is, to produce saponin.  The great thing about saponin in soap nuts is it’s a 100% organic alternative for chemical laundry and cleansing products. A true non-toxic and sustainable laundry solution.

 Soap nuts are 100% natural product

Soap nuts are the fruits of a small tree called Sapindus Mukorossi, native to the Himalayas and the mountainous region between India and Nepal.  They thrive in the harsh environment.  Soap nuts are the husks from soapberry nuts. Once picked the seed is removed then the shell is left to dry in the sun.  That’s it!  Soap nuts are not treated at all and leave no scent. 

Soap nuts do not create suds and are ideal for both standard and HE machines.  And, without added chemicals, soap nuts are allergen free and making them ideal for sensitive skin, cloth diapers, scent sensitivity and delicate skin.