Handmade, plant-based self-care products



Wanda Hartman. Formulator.
One day I was reading a blog post and there was a link to how the author made a facial oil. I clicked the link (and fell down a rabbit hole!). I quickly learned about essential oils and all the benefits. I was happily making things based on various web sites, then I found out a niece was allergic to lavender, yet she loved the things I was making and wanted to try them. So soon enough I was looking for ways to do substitutions or make a product more suited on males.

I went looking for education on essential oils because I wanted to know the science behind the essential oils. I wanted to know what made this oil good for this problem. How to determine that? How to formulate my own products vice rather than using someone else’s. The education I chose was over 400 hours of study. Then I went further and took I started making all kinds of products and giving them away. Then I took classes on CBD (another 8 weeks) and making gels.

Through all of this, my husband, Randy, supported me fully. Encouraging me and offering suggestions, asking me why I chose a certain oil. Those kind of things. Of course, while studying, I’m purchasing all kinds of carrier oils, essential oils, and other ingredients. Always with his support. Eventually it evolved to Hartfelt Oils and myHartfelt.com.