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Dryer Balls

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100% New Zealand
Premium Wool
Dryer Balls
Non-Toxic Sustainable
Laundry Solution

Dryer Balls are a healthy, natural, reusable, chemical free alternative to dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners.

Dryer balls lift and separate clothes allowing air to circulate thus decreasing dryer time, reducing energy use resulting in savings.  Drying time can be reduced by as much as 25% based on the number of balls used and the size of the load.  Dryer balls also soften and fluff clothes without chemicals.  Dryer balls can be used for up to 1,500 loads of laundry.

Decrease Drying Time

Saves energy – Saves Money

Healthy Natural Fabric Softener

Chemical Free


Easier on Clothes

Dryer Balls are 100% natural product