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Grand Opening Blog

Welcome to MyHartfelt, 

    I’m Megan. I’m Wanda’s niece. I am 22 years old and I’m a dog mom. The little girl next to me is named Roxie. She’s my best friend. Who said dogs were only mans best friend? She clearly, didn’t get the memo. Now let me tell you something to introduce you all to my involvement into this scheme of ours. I’m very good with plants, okay? Well, as you all know Wanda is the brains of the operation. She got me into classes for essential oils and crafting what we do. Still working on them.

     I wanted to drop in and welcome you to our site. Wanda may or may not know about this; but I’m offering a deal. Now, as you may know, we have officially opened MyHarteflt.com for business. As a welcome I set up a 15% discount at checkout on everyone’s orders in celebration of our GRAND Opening automatically applied at checkout.  You’re welcome 😉

   A little over a year ago I started this gardening journey. I started out with some garden herbs like rosemary, and lemon balm and bee balm. I assumed I was going to kill them in the first week. Turns out, I did not kill them. I let them grow, and grow, and GROW. I ended up with SO much lemon balm. So much I had no clue what to do with the excess. So I called Wanda one day and asked if she wanted some. She said yes. So with that, came new ideas and ways to incorporate more into the business. She ended up putting my home grown lemon balm a bath tea. Now, I grow and work with plants so we can bring a little bit of nature and love to you guys.

   That’s enough about me so I’d love to share some of my favorite products at the bottom of this blog . My all time favorite must have is the Love My Lips lip balm. It’s the only chapstick I will use. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now and I will never use anything else. Another favorite is the body lotion. It smells amazing and you can smell it hours after you have put it on. If you are one of those people who don’t exfoliate you aren’t alone. But, if you want to, you should definitely check out the soap with luffas. My skin stays soft since I started using them. Additionally I struggle a lot with pain; pretty constant pain that felt like it would never go away.  The bye sciatica lotion is life changing for me. You guys should check them all out on our website 

Best Regards,